LOTS of fun stuff is in the works for the Longhorn.

Coming in August, the Longhorn will be closed for a week for renovations.  When we reopen, you can look forward to:

  • Updated menu
  • Clean interior
  • New exterior

Most of the renovations are long overdue, and the State of Washington is making sure they’re done with haste.  But we know you’ll love the updates and we promise, you’ll love coming back!

DONE!  See our Renovations page for more details.

Coming in September:

  • Seahawks return!!!  We’ll be throwing a Seahawks party to celebrate their return to the field.
  • The Longhorn will be a sponsor for the 35th annual Oyster Run on September 25th.

DONE!  The Oyster Run was an amazing experience to behold!  We cannot wait for next year!




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Thanksgiving at the Longhorn – See our Thanksgiving page!

7th annual Toys for Tots bike run – AMAZING!  So thrilled to be a part of this awesome run!


Bad Weather Bob’s bike run

Christmas at the Longhorn